Sony’s Cross-Play, or how it can Affect Nintendo Switch

Every gamer would know that there is only one thing better than playing an amazing game, and it is playing an amazing game together with your friends. Sharing the gaming experience with you close ones has always been an essential part of the gaming experience, from back in the day when the only plausible option of hosting a multiplayer session was in front of a tv, by giving the second controller to a peer sitting next to you.

However, since then, the gaming industry underwent significant changes, and the appearance of online multiplayer functionalities was one of those deal-breaking services, that could potentially enhance the overall gaming experience.

The whole identity of the Nintendo company, alongside the nature of its newest gaming console, is revolving around the idea of shared experience, nevertheless, often ‘sone’s expectations regarding the matter can prove to be wrong, when taking into consideration all the limitations that are brought to the table by big gaming companies and their attitude regarding cross-play.

After all, what can be more irritating than the realization that both you and your closest buddy own the same game, however, you are unable to play it together as you chose different consoles as your gaming system.

However, things seem to have been moving towards cross-platform multiplayer for a while now, and Microsoft played a huge role in promoting such cooperation policies together with Nintendo. Nevertheless, Sony was the company that was stubbornly pulling itself away from the concept of cross-platform multiplayer, which looks like it won’t be the case anymore.

The approach that Sony is gradually adopting seems to be more open and cross-play friendly than the original and relatively recent standpoint regarding the subject. 

Already numerous titles like Fortnite, Paladins, Smite, Dauntless are designed to provide the cross-platform multiplayer experience that all us gamers seek, and even though the number of those titles can seem very limited, this is only the beginning of the age when limitations presented by the variety of different console will cease to exist when it comes to online multiplayer gaming.

For Nintendo, and specifically for Nintendo Switch, these changes will bear only positive effects, further promotes the idea of equality of consoles, letting Nintendo Switch move forward, hand in hand with other big gaming systems in the industry.

Thank you for your attention, and for more about cross-play and everything else about Nintendo Switch, follow NSwitch-Info.

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