Nintendo Switch, Best Upcoming Games

Nintendo Switch has been out for two years; however, its gaming library has already been recognized for its excellence in providing both variety and quality in the gaming experience. There are numerous decent games on the platform that can guarantee hours and hours of joy and excitement; nevertheless, to keep the same pace, good games need to keep coming to the system, and we are happy to tell you now that they do!

Here is our list of best games to expect in 2019-2020.


The first one in the list comes The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There is not much left to talk about the game, however, for those who will be new to the franchise, due to their exclusivity in Nintendo consoles, Witcher 3 on Switch can be an excellent way of discovering the wast fantasy world, alongside Geralt of Rivia. (October 15, 2019)


Doom Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch, and its release day will be on the very same day Doom Eternal will arrive at the other consoles. It’s hard to know exactly what we will get with the release date, however, being a Doom game, it’s sure to be an excellent mix of fast-paced first-person musing accompanied by a fantastic hardcore, heavy metal music. (November 22, 2019)


Sometimes you get tired from easy games, that were made with the “press X to win” concept in mind, and for those times, gamers are turning their gaze at titles like Dark Souls. However, in contrast to other consoles, Nintendo Switch didn’t seem to get many of those challenging games; however, that little number will be added by one when Ashen, an action RPG from New Zealand studio A44 will arrive on Nintendo Switch. Find a friend and start a journey through darkness and terror towards a place to call home on December 9, 2019.


Another multiplayer experience will provide Dauntless, a monster hunter like game, where gamers will be able to make their own slayers and put their fight against the Behemoths, in pursuit of saving their world from the upcoming doom. Crafting powerful weapons and using them to defeat massive monsters will cost absolutely nothing, as Dauntless is a f2p game, which will be available on Switch sometime in 2019.


And finally, the game about which not much is known, and yet, knowing that Gods & Monsters is being made by the same people that created Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the experience is for sure to be unforgettable. From the only trailer that we have been presented so far, numerous already found resemblances to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, when it comes to the art style and graphics of the game. Prove your courage by battling Typhon, the fiercest beast in all myths on February 25, 2020.

Thank you for your attention, and for more on Nintendo Switch, follow NSwithc-Info. Have a great day!

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